//  Origin:  Denver, Co
//  Genres:  Rock n' Roll
//  Years Active:  2017-Present

Forging the dusty sounds of Southern R and B with the lyrical acuity of Folk, Hunter James and the Titanic is a Rock and Roll band assembled from the best and brightest of the Colorado music scene.  


The slide guitar licks of the "Swamp Savant" Jason Brazzel paired with the unforgettable B-3 chops of Eric Luba, and the bright and charismatic 4-part harmonies with Lizzy Gogolowski leading the charge hypnotize and evoke the ethos of the great american west.  


Rounding out the group are a stoic and pounding rhythm section comprised of John Grigsby (Gregory Alan Isakov), George Horn (Analog Son), and Taylor Marvin (Buckstein).  This band might be altogether entertaining as a jam band, but instead choose to play original, heartfelt music that you swear you might have once heard in a dream while camping underneath the brilliant sky in the Grand Canyon. 


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